Milani Color Statement Lipstick-Best Red #07 (Matte)









Milani Best Red #07 (Matte)

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You know I love red! I also have a soft spot for matte lipsticks. The best thing about this pretty red from Milani is that I didn’t know it was a matte shade for the longest. It’s so moist and the sheen is great. Not your typical matte red here. At around $5 this is sweet!









I rarely need to touch up my lipstick when wearing this shade. It’s going to last longer (and through meals) than your average lipstick. Did I mention that this is around $5?  That means you NEED it red girls! The prices vary depending on where you pick this up. At Kmart these lipsticks are $4.99. On the Milani Cosmetics website they are $5.49 and thats how much they are at CVS also. Walgreens carries the Color Statement line also. Check this out if you love red:) I’ll be showing you more Milani lipsticks over the next week or so!

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  1. Elyse says

    I can’t seem to find these lipsticks in Rochester Minnesota. ): does anyone know where you could find these lipsticks in mn?? I am anxious to try out some of them.

  2. Lily says

    Amazing review ,I need to know your opinion on Kate Moss Rimmel lip stick if you have tried it which is better …

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