New Milani Matte Blushes You Need: Delizioso Pink & Bella Rosa!


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I was excited beyond words about this release! Matte pink blushes from Milani? Yes please!!! Without further ado check these out!

milanideliziosopinkblush#10 Delizioso Pink

First up is the gorgeous Delizioso Pink. It’s a very bright hot pink matte shade. I don’t think I have anything quite like this in my stash. It looks gorgeous in the pan but on the cheeks it looks even better!


Cool right? Because these are matte blushes you don’t need much at all. I went a little overboard here so you could see the potential. There is a lot of potential. Truly gorg. I did two quick taps with my blush brush and bam beautiful cheeks. For everyday wear I only do one tap of color per cheek. I prefer a little more natural flush on my cheeks. These blushes blend beautifully. They aren’t chalky at all just full of color. Pretty pink goodness in a pan.

Don’t forget we have another…..Bella Rosa #11! It’s a bright raspberry matte blush.

milanibellarosablushBella Rosa #11

Cute right? This is the one that I was the MOST excited about. I live for fuchsia. It’s a sickness really. I need fuchsia everything…pronto. Check this out on the cheeks and again remember I went overboard to show the color potential.


Both of these blushes are something to consider bringing home with you. I am so happy Milani came out with these. But you know I’m greedy….can we have a purple one? That would be amazing to add to these two beauties! Look for these blushes in a drugstore near you. They are around $8 each. I have seen them at my local CVS so check there if you can. These aren’t limited edition so enjoy.

Just for fun guess which blush is on which side? Excuse my big nose:)

milaniblushesBella Rosa/Delizioso Pink


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  1. Ronda says

    I love Bella Rosa, now I may need to pick up Delizioso Pink as well. Are you picking up any of the Milani Coming Up Roses 2014 Collection blushes?

  2. Kica says

    Oh so glad these are NOT LE! I just picked up the rose shaped (FINALLY able to find it in store at Wags) Milani blush in Tea Rose and am really enjoying it.

  3. says

    I think I might be coming down with the same fuchsia illness! God; the amount of fuchsia lipsticks I own is a bit ri-donk-ulous! I bought the lighter shade and I am in love!! I need to get my hands on the fuchsia shade soon! And I agree, a purple shade would be amazing!!!

  4. Barbette sealy says

    Yeah…as soon as I find that pink it will be mine. It’s been selling out fast around the office. If it’s not arctic tomorrow I’ll go for a little lunch time stroll and search for it. Agreed about the purple and how about something like a dusty rose, coral pop and a sienna type color. We could start a petition…I’m not joking. Lol

  5. says

    *chants* please come out with a red and/or purple, please come out with a red and/or purple!!!!! these are great. they will get a lot of use this spring and summer. i think i’m gonna cave and get the new flower blushes too.

  6. Nikki says

    I found Bella Rosa at a CVS not far from where I work last week. I decided not to pick up the lighter pink at the time, I may re-think that though. When I applied Bella Rosa I did not like it on me, I may have applied too much. I am going to try a different brush and lighter application next time. These colors look so pretty in the pan!

    • says

      Try a light application and see if that looks better to you! I go much lighter than these pics because you can look a little clownish with a lot of this on!

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