NOTD: Butter London Jack the Lad

Jack the Lad, $14

My nails are finally coming back. I had a nail freak out earlier this month (it happens..) and the short nails are here for a while. I picked up this pretty green glitter shade in a sale a while back. It’s described on the Butter London site as a moss green shimmer with gold, green, and turquoise glitter. I love that after two coats this color is opaque. It’s just beautiful!

Talk about glitter baby! This shade delivers. Click on a pic to see it larger.









I used a top coat, two coats of color, and a top coat. Check this shade out at Ulta. I love it!

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  1. says

    Hey Jack! I was about to write off their polishes due to one I got which was pretty but would peel on me in like a day. I’ve tried some other since then and have been pleased. I really like their glitter polishes.

    • says

      I love their glitters. I think they do them rather well. I got great wear out of Fairy Cake another glitter I ordered from them. I had it on over a week and it looked great. I did have issues with Waity Katie peeling.

  2. Ladyprice says

    I did purchase this one during the sale as well. I haven’t worn it yet, but seeing how nice it looks on your nails, it will have to be my next choice!

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