Sephora Holiday Sets-My Favorites!

I love the holidays! It’s the best time to get deals on makeup sets. I heard from quite a few blog readers about holiday sets in the last week or so. Most of them asked which sets I think are the best deals at Sephora and Ulta. I thought I’d tell you about the must see deals at Sephora first. The sets are so good and tempting you could go bankrupt!

I really recommend carefully thinking about what you really need in your stash most. Because going to Sephora (or shopping online) without really thinking could be dangerous. Kind of like heading to a buffet on an empty stomach! Good idea in theory but a really bad idea after the first thirty minutes. Ha!

This isn’t everything available so check out the whole value sets section for deals. I put the item number for each set under the picture. If you want to look at a specific set on you can just put the item number into the search box (in the top right corner) on the website and take a look at the details quickly.

Stila All Is Bright Lip Glaze Set-$25 (Item 1440130)

Tarte Carried Away Collectors Set-$54 (Item 1468412)

Tarte 5-Piece LipSurgence Collector’s Set-$34 (Item 1468396)

Smashbox The Master Class Palette-$59 (Item 1427251)

Buxom Time To Shine Lip Glos Set-$29 (Item 1458140)

Tarte Eye Catchers SmolderEYES and Skinny SmolderEYES Collectors Set-$39

(Item 1468362)

Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette For Eyes-$48 (Item 1441047)

LORAC Eye Candy Full Face Collection-$59 (Item 1443688)

Benefit High Flyin Glosses-$26 (Item 1457530)

LORAC Sweet Temptations Lip Gloss Collection-$25 (Item 1443704)

Tarte Fantastic Foursome 4-Piece Blush Set-$35 (Item 1468404)

Laura Mercier Mini Kohl Eye Pencil Collection-$32 (Item 1441054)

Buxom Armed and Gorgeous Eye Set-$29 (Item 1365485)


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  1. Maria Cardoza says

    I Totally love the Tarte Carried Away and Also the LORAC Eye Candy set! Ulta is selling a Tarte Holiday set as well called THE BIG THRILL and it comes in a 2nd Place for a Tarte holiday set to get.

  2. Jenny says

    I’m trying to decide between the Smashbox Master Class and Lorac Pro palettes – which do you think would be better? Looks like the Smashbox palette has a lot to offer! (though, I think I’ll HAVE to pick up the Lorac eye candy bc that’s just TOO cute to pass up)

    • says

      That’s a hard one. I have the Smashbox Photo Op Mega Palette from last year and I live for that thing. It was my favorite palette that came out last year. It’s a bigger version of the Master Class w/more colors. If you are looking for something that is great for travel and has most of what you need besides foundation I’d highly recommend the Master Class. My palette goes with me on every vacation or short trip. The nice thing is the Smashbox shadows in the large sets are just as pigmented and good as the Smashbox trios. They didn’t skimp on quality which sometimes happens with large sets. They both make great eyeshadows but the Master Class is a little better because of all the stuff you get inside!

  3. says

    I recently bought the Tarte blush set and I love it! The champagne and nude shades are particularly nice. If anyone sees this set in store (I think it’s sold out online) I definitely recommend buying it. I’m still eyeing the lip surgence set and the Carried Away set. There are just so many amazing deals!!

  4. galliesallie says

    Wow, great post thank you! I”m trying to decide between the Smashbox Master Class and the Tarte Carried Away collector’s set. I was in Ulta today and looked at the BIG THRILL set (they only had one left). It is too big for me to store, but the sales gal said that the Tarte eyeshadows are nicer than the Smashbox ones, that SB has fallout and aren’t as blend-able. Do you know? I wanted that Photo Op Mega palette last year but couldn’t justify it, but have only heard good things about it. I’m leaning towards the SB because I like the cream liners…

    • says

      I think Tarte shadows are a bit smoother than Smashbox ones. And I notice that they are really kind to my lids also. Must be the formula! I really do love both. I got that Photo Op Mega Palette last year and it was my favorite palette of 2011. The Smashbox cream liners are fantastic!

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