Three Interesting Revlon Lip Combos That I Love!









Revlon Rich Girl Red Lipstick & Fatal Apple Lip Gloss, $8 each at Rite Aid









When I picked up this combo months ago I wasn’t sure what to expect. Revlon Rich Girl Red #830 lipstick has a Shine finish and thats new to me. I love Revlon lipstick as you may know so I was excited to give it a try. I was expecting a super shiny red especially after looking at the model’s lips in the display. What I got was a very shiny lipstick that was kind of light on pigmentation. It is not a deep red lipstick shade. Its about as shiny as it is red. Because of the shine the blood red I thought I was going to get wasn’t there. Think very light lip butter red. It’s not exciting. I never wear Rich Girl Red alone. I know I should show you what it looks like alone but its so darn boring. I kind of hate it.

Fatal Apple gloss is super shiny and more pigmented than Rich Girl Red to me! I always wear these two together and I kind of love the look. It’s kind of a more wearable red thats great for those that don’t want a super deep red lip but love a lot of shine. This is a great juicy lip look so I had to share it because I know that red lips can be alluring but scary to some. I think this is easier to pull off.

But this is just dead sexy right?! I think so!









If you like this type of lippie look I suggest you check out Revlon’s Shine finish line of lipsticks and the Super Lustrous Lip Gloss shades. Together they look really nice and its a great way to wear red or fuchsia in a less intimidating way. The funny thing is I don’t like Fatal Apple gloss as much on its own. The lipstick provides a really nice depth of color. Strange huh? I do have one serious critique. The Super Lustrous gloss wand is horrible. Its short and just about useless. I need to dip like four times to get the amount of gloss that I want. Its so annoying.

Want to see some other combos I have? Here we go!









Revlon Fuchsia Shock Lipstick & Fuchsia Finery Lip Gloss

Here’s another one for you purple lovers! This is just a slight twist on the combo above that leans a bit more purple.









Revlon Berry Couture Lipstick & Fuchsia Finery Lip Gloss

Have you tried any of the Shine finish Revlon lipsticks or the new range of Super Lustrous glosses? Do tell!

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  1. says

    Helllooooooo Fuchsia Shock & Fuchsia Finery!!! Guess I “need” to get Berry Couture too. We shall see. I’ve only tried Honey Bare from the Shine Lipsticks. There’s a $4 off coupon Revlon via Rite-Aid’s FB page. It’s good until November 2.

      • 80sChicwithglasses says

        If you’re looking for a combo with Honey Bare pair Super Natural (new lipgloss in the line) with it. I personally think it’s a great pair that you don’t have to do too much with it. My favorite nude combo!

  2. penny says

    OMG!!! I love these and you are gorgeous!!! I have already made a list of six lipgloss/lipsticks that you have so graciously modeled!!!

  3. 80sChicwithglasses says

    I really like this line Revlon came out with! Some shades aren’t that deep, but the lipgloss brings out the color. I love the red combo esp. because red isn’t a color that I usually go for. This red is amazing!!! I also like the formula…shiny, not drying or sticky (since I don’t care for sticky gloss, lol)!

  4. Toya says

    Hey! I was wondering if you’ve ever tried TheBodyNeeds Lip Lusters? They’re pretty amazing, pigmented, and VERY affordable(like under $3). I recently tried two of their colors.. i love them &I thought you might too. So yeah, I just thought of you because I stalk your YT and I know you love lippies.. i hope you check out the website.

  5. Ruth says

    I am not a big dark red or purple lipstick fan but you make them look so beautiful. I definitely want to try some of these combos. The purple combo you wore in your October favorites does not do it just in the video compared to the photos on your blog.

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