NOTD: Milani Color Statement Corrupted Coral (7 Days Later!)


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In a few YouTube videos I’ve showed how long these new Milani shades last. Now here are some pictures! I painted my nails seven days ago! I have to say the Color Statement Quick Dry Top Coat is what must make this lasting power possible. Well it’s got to be part of the lasting power right?


Corrupted Coral is a beautiful shade and I was excited to put it on my nails! I used a base coat, one coat of Corrupted Coral, and then the Quick Dry Top Coat. Take a look at how my nails look seven days after my manicure!



Nice huh?


I love this color and how long its lasted on my nails. I will be painting my nails another color soon. Make sure you check out my post on Blue Print from the Milani Color Statement line. It’s a beautiful shade as well. I’ve seen these polishes everywhere now. At CVS especially. There are so many pretty colors to choose from. At $3.99 each they are something to consider picking up!

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  1. says

    Do you think the top coat would work as well with other polishes? I have to say your nails look gorgeous for first day…hard to believe they are 7 day nails! Quite an endorsement.

  2. Kica says

    hmmmm I just might have to try that topcoat but over other polishes. I was using Seche Vite Quick Dry but that thing had my polishes chipping in under 2days! Oh wait, is this the topcoat you’re always raving about??

  3. Toni says

    I haven’t been able to find the shade Cupcake Icing in CVS…it’s not even on the store’s website! I might have to order that color online. :-/

  4. Donna brown says

    I have like 10 of these colors based on your recommendation & I love them…however…Sigh…I am not sure what I’m doing wrong. I can’t get this polish to go unchipped longer than 3 days. I use Essie’s strengthening base coat, one coat of Milani & one coat of the top coat. It would be awesome if you did a NOTD video on your channel.

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