Summer 2014: Maybelline Color Elixirs Glowing Garnet, Radiant Raspberry, and Luxe in Lilac (Limited Edition!)


I picked up three of the limited edition Summer 2014 Color Elixirs and I love them. There are more shades in the collection but I really love the ones I picked up. I have been a fan of Color Elixirs since they came out. They are super moisturizing and one of the best inexpensive gloss formulas out there! I have Signature Scarlet, Fuchsia Flourish, and Vision in Violet from the regular line of shades and I wear them all often.

Take a look at the three I picked up! I got Glowing Garnet #15, it’s a stunner!




Next up Radiant Raspberry #25!




And last but not least, Luxe in Lilac #35!




These glosses are outstanding! I hope that you pick an Elixir up from the Summer Collection. I’m so glad I did!

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