Wet n Wild Walking the Red Carpet Palette! (Quick Swatches!!)


This is one of two Spring limited edition palettes from Wet n Wild. It’s not an awful palette but it’s not a great one either. There are two shades in the palette that keep this from being a thumbs up for me. But when you look at this palette before using it the darn thing looks just beautiful! Ahhh Wet n Wild…I want some consistency out of you darn it. I want palettes with great pigmentation for $5 at my favorite drugstore. Why can’t things be like they were in the good old days? Good palettes for a fair price!


The first row of colors (left side) swatch well and blend well on the eye. The third shade down is a beautiful taupe!


Now the second row is where they lost me. The second shade is a chunky, hard to blend, and fall-out intense gold. And the last shade is a brown with tiny gold flecks that travel everywhere. Ugh! So close to greatness but yet so far!


This palette misses the mark but I think some people are going to like it regardless. I’m glad I picked it up even though it’s not as great as I would have hoped. But I do like the other limited edition palette Flirting at the After Party. Check that one out!

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  1. Ronda says

    I had high hopes for this palette as well, but some of the colors were a let down for me. The gold color looks great in the palette and nothing more. I like to wear gold eyeshadows on occasion, so this gold color might suffice as an inner tear duct color or under the lash line and hopefully the glitter particles won’t cause problems. This was my least favorite palette of the two.

  2. says

    I actually have no problems with the gold shade. The color that keeps this palette from being an A+ for me is the taupe. It’s poorly pigmented and doesn’t swatch or translate to the lid as dark as it looks in the pan. The first brow bone color in the first row is also very powdery. Other than that, I love the color selection of this palette and have been wearing it a lot xx

  3. says

    I just picked this up yesterday and tried it today. Yuk. Powdery and not good colors for women of color. I’ll stick with my trios. They seem to be the best.

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